Arts Square Gallery
Arts Square Gallery is an art gallery, multifunctional venue and creative space for exhibitions, auctions, master classes, lectures, concerts and performances. The gallery works in various formats: contemporary art, private collection and museum of Anna Pavlova. Arts Square Gallery hosts global projects from Rubens to Dali, and unites a wide variety of art - from folk crafts to antiques, from home furnishings to jewelry, from contemporary artists to the masterpieces of old masters. Our exhibitions showcases the best contemporary art, complemented by an events for people of all ages and interests.

A two-storey space (about 1,000 meters of total area) with several exhibition halls is located in the historical center of Saint Petersburg on the famous Arts Square - next to the Russian Museum, the Mikhailovsky Theater and the Academic Philharmonic. A real place of attraction for all art lovers: both locals and city guests.

There is hidden attraction in our space is the Arts Square Bar, here you could always have a glass of good wine, freshly brewed coffee and a relaxed atmosphere.
Contemporary art

The Gallery's emphasis is on presenting new work by contemporary artists, often by those who have rarely or never had a solo show in Russian institution. Arts Square Gallery seeks to collaborate with artists in an open and honest manner with a primary aim of introducing their work to wider audiences.
Soviet art

Collection of soviet art has about 7 000 items – painting, graphics, and small plastic. Well-known works for experts and collectors of Russian art are presented in Arts Square Gallery (E. Moiseenko, F. Reshetnikov, D. Nalbandian, P. Petrovichev, G. Myznikov, G. Nissky, K. Britov, T. Gaponenko, etc.), as well as forgotten artists, whose talent is distinctive and original. Here are such masters of the Leningrad school as A.N. Semenov, A. Alkhovsky, O. Gadalov, N. Galakhov, N. Latyshenko and I. Suvorov.
Museum of Anna Pavlova

The permanent exposition of Arts Square Gallery is a unique art space - Anna Pavlova's Room. She lived in this building in 1909 – 1910 while being the soloist of the Imperial Ballet Company. Now the gallery has an interactive museum - Mirror Room, dedicated to the memory of the great ballerina. There you can find a series of rare and curious objects, telling the story of those times. The history of Anna Pavlova's museum is continued by exhibitions of contemporary authors: works by the famous ballet photographers, project connecting ballet and ecology, also Arts Square Gallery hosted an exhibition of photographs of the ballet artist.
Performances & Installations

The gallery integrates performance art into its collection, exhibitions and programs. Performance art features a range of works by international and local artists, and encompasses a spectrum of live and participatory experiences. Performances appear in unexpected spaces inside the gallery. They offer a unique experience tailored to the venue and collaboration of dance / digital / music art.

Arts Square Gallery collaborates with major art festivals, such as the Open Dance International Ballet Festival, the Theatre Olympics, as well as the Saint-Petersburg International Cultural Forum, presenting exhibitions that are part of its program.
Mikhail Sasonko

Founder and owner, Arts Square Gallery President and co-owner of «Mikhailov Gallery» Company and SASONKO Jewelry House; Art collector, member of the Board of Trustees of the Moscow State Tchaikovsky Conservatory.

Born in Leningrad. Graduated from the Faculty of Physics and Mechanics of the M. I. Kalinin Leningrad Polytechnic Institute (now St. Petersburg State Polytechnic University). Worked in a specialty. From the beginning of the 90s Mikhail Sasonko was engaged in the jewelry business and investment development. Now the group of companies represents the brand of Orthodox jewelry by the artist Vladimir Mikhailov and jewelry and stone-carving miniatures based on sketches by Mikhail Shemyakin.
In 2017 Mikhail Sasonko created the multifunctional art space ARTS SQUARE GALLERY. The collection of Mikhail Sasonko contains several thousand paintings and graphic works of the national art school of the XX–XXI centuries.